First Cuts

by Fronkonstin

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Valencia, Spain 2015

Grabado en directo el 19 de Mayo por Jacobo Vallier y los alumnos de la Fundación Pascual Tomás.
Mezclado por Gabriel Alfaro "Cobi" en Globo Estudio


released October 31, 2015

Gracias a:
Edu Costales, Jacobo Vallier, Cobi, Verónica, Juanillo, Joe, David Incertis, Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman



all rights reserved


Fronkonstin Valencia, Spain

FRONKONSTIN es el proyecto de rock que aúna en 2015 a componentes Lullaby y Chococrispis.

Members: Pablota - Voz Vinch - Guitarra Rafa "Pxu" Docavo - Bajo Jordi Molina - Bateria

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Track Name: Cancer Blonde Woman

I wanna say it out loud
As long as my body takes control
Not waiting for tomorrow
Now I can see where I’m in
Take me high to the outer space
Let me fall in a bed of nails
Hungry for your kiss, You’re the one I miss

Cancer blonde woman
Where d’you hide? When will you rise? Need you walking by
Cancer blonde woman
Foxy lady madonna, cancer blonde woman
Cancer blonde woman
Apologize if I cannot make it through the night
Cancer blonde woman
Foxy lady madonna, cancer blonde woman

She's tender under the shell

I feel you across the ocean
Deep green eye turns velvet blue
The monster behind emotion
Keeps you warm, leaves you cold
Take me down to the very end
Make me fly thru a brand new day
Contradiction miles to a broken heart
Track Name: Tv Drama

Everything around me gets me angry
My world is black and white I'm feeling empty
Harder than ever to get things done, yeh yeh yeah
Saying everything around me gets me angry
Oh, give me a break

Go shine a light on my life
You let me bleed to death
I turn to you
And I hurt the ones I love so bad
That’s a shame
I turn to you

Do I live in sorrow or in anger?
Outside it's dark and rainy gimme shelter
I feel like I’m breaking down, yeh yeh yeah
Tell me do I live in sorrow?
Oh, give me a break

It’s a television drama
Push me away mama
It’s all full of hate and pain
If I could stand it just one more day
Track Name: Nature in Bloom

Sat in my ride and speeding up
I’m running fast with all I got
No destination no navigator
As free and wild as a butterfly

Look for no route, keep off the highway
I came to this doing things my way
The rainbow is waving right in front of me
A black hawk is my only trip buddy

Ain’t no other nature in bloom
Step on the gas, kickin' up dust
My lovely nature in bloom
Full metal ass getting nowhere fast
Ain’t no other nature in bloom
Help me regain my life compass
Turn it up to the hills
I gotta one way ticket

Lost at a crossroad, which way to take?
Right? left? what difference does it make?
I’m hot-bloody, aim for perfection
I hate all those seeking your attention

In the heart of a maze
I miserably fail
Over and over again
Wish to challenge the world
Before I get old
Over and over
Track Name: Big Time Rush

I don’t let go just like your brother
I did not stay long ‘cause I was sober
I live faster, I live wild
You come try me I won’t bite
Unless you show me how naughty you are

Good bye star I ain’t no angel
It was a big time rush
Bye star I ain’t the devil
Motherfucking big time rush

Don’t come for more I doubt I can say no
You run this show, I’m carried along
You put something in my drink
I should not but I go deep
I always put my shoes on the wrong feet

I am reckless and weak
cause I’m a dick and trust no one
I just can’t be… what you want me to be
Track Name: Maniac on Moving Van

Maniac on moving van, hey
Maniac on moving van

The sun’s high, good time to ride and she looked me in the eye
Smiling bright, the hunter inside, come to paradise
Be nice buddy till she’s in it, and you close the door behind her
Engines ready, horn tested, will be happy ever after

Maniac on moving van, hey
Maniac on moving van

Hey maniac!
Damn maniac!

I like dirty, I’m so dirty you don’t know yet
You're so pretty, you’re so skinny I will break you
Shout lizard so I feel ya, but your daddy’ll never find ya
I will give you a white pillow you can bite, uh

Don’t fool me, I don’t like games, I don’t think straight
Don’t bother, we are almost there, not so much to say
Unlike others, I don’t play fair, I don’t care if you’re scared
Don’t worry I won’t hesitate, you will like it hard babe

Maniac on moving van, hey
Maniac on moving van
Track Name: New Flesh

Understand, understand, understand
Understand why you made me
Born again, born again, born again
I was born in a new flesh

Live to die is so much better
Ain’t got time to say good bye
Who’s awaiting us in heaven?
Everyone slowly dies

Some day, some day, some day
Some day I will run free
Let the sun, let the sun, let the sun
Let the sun burn my shame

You brought me bread each and every day
Loved me to death, I did not appreciate
Tought me the way, Showed me that I was wrong
Then let go of my hand and left me here to face it all
Track Name: Rock No Shit

Whatever may lie ahead is gonna catch you
I’ve seen the skies falling down once in a while too
Look up for the motivation that can’t be found in your soul
Don’t give in to desperation when it all seems wrong?

We’re the same and we all feel the pain
It’s just the way we become men
We keep shape and we never complain
We make just rock, rock no shit

You take whatever’s left of you
Let it roll and have some fun
Invincible no matter what
You take whatever’s left of you
Take it all and get it done
Face the world for once

What do you fear in your dreams? it’s gonna come true
No matter how hard you try it will get back at you
Let use wild imagination to rearrange the undone
This time gonna feel the pressure when it’s almost done

How to ease the pain
in the fog remains, oh yeah
Night becomes day
I feel so ashamed, oh yeah
How to ease the pain
in the fog remains
We make just rock, rock no shit